Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good Morning.

I've been obsessing over vampire's again recently. This has led to the resurrection of BKM as a bicycle club, as well as the reading of some really good vampire books. First was The London Vampire Panic by Michael Romkey, the second also by Romkey was The Vampire Virus. I finished it last night actually. I really enjoyed both so much. The stories involve Beethoven, the Illuminati, and Dr. Van Helsing. I've got a few more of his I plan to read as well. Also if you haven't seen 30 Days of Night, do so immediately.


The Librarian said...

I still wish we could just be The Vampire Panic. Because that's hot!


d.krazy said...

That'll be our musical collab name. I like the blooky kiss militia bike club. Sounds brutal.

Big Jesse said...

spell out bicycle.

the bloody kiss militia bicycle club