Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's finally Dry out!

So glad it's not raining today, got started on a ride at 9:30am, met up with my friend Nick at Quill's coffee shop. We rode from there to down town, rode around down there for a while took the riverfront bike/walking path (not sure what it's called) rode it until it was under water/covered with mud. We rode back, messed around down town, went to river rode, cut across to Frankfort ave. There is the front of an old looking building at the corner, looks as if it's about George Washington. Some kind of monument maybe? Anyway it was cool, then we crossed over, hit story to main, then to market and baxter up to the highlands. I ate at the always delicious Pita Delights, then rode home. That's a total of 24 miles, now off to go shop for Jesse and Karen's baby shower with Adrock.

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