Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's so beautiful out!

Title says it all, another day of riding for me. I got in 40 miles yesterday, so will definitely get my 50 mile goal for the weekend. Matt Cooper came down yesterday so we got our ride on, stopped at the Pink Door, had a mini BKM reunion, and a hipster dance party was in the back. Was quite amusing, then we rode back. Off to get a shower and ride again.

Update: Just rode another 13 miles, so at 53 miles and feeling pretty good. Mainly sore from sitting on the saddle, haven't quite got used to that fully. Hoping to here from some more peeps today about riding again. Cooper left, was really great hanging with him, hope he can move back here soon. Have a great day, if you're in reading this, go out it's beautiful!

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