Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Working Out.

Started out eventful to say the least. I planned on putting 205lbs on the bench to see what I could do. The barbell is in a rack for "safety" reasons, sucks because I don't get to utilize the stablizing muscles as I would like. So I put the weight on, unhook the "safety" hooks and let the weight come down. I go to push it up and it doesn't move. For a second I'm like oh shit, then I stay calm and muscle it up onto the hooks and slide out. I look at it and I've got 235lbs on there, no wonder I think to myself. So I drop it down to 205lbs, first set I get 4 reps, second set 2 reps, third set 3 reps. That's a 20lb increase over the most I had previously benched, and I was able to get multiple reps. I was stoked, so I get two 50lb dumbells, lay on the bench and did three sets of 10 alternating presses. Then lifted heavier than normal on the rest of my workouts. I'm stoked to see the gains of strength in just 2 months of working out. Now I just got to get riding my bike more and doing cardio after each work out. By the end of summer I should be a finely tuned machine.

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