Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Glad today is over.

Got my car out of the shop, that was $500, good bye tax stimulus check. Got called into work on my day off, granted I need the money, but I was tired. Realizing that since I got home on Friday I've rode 80 miles on my bike. I think tomorrow will be a day of rest for sure before work, I may go in early and work out, haven't got to lift since I left for Chicago last week. I really have to get focused right now, I've been doing good about exercise, just got to get the diet together a little more(as in what I eat, not some trend diet crap), and carry my motivation into other areas of life. I've got to get cracking on my ccna, once I get that I'll have a few more options job wise and hopefully will get my paper up. Need to actually start drawing again, it's been so long, plus need to learn illustrator/photoshop. Planning on getting the studio together here at the house in the next month, that way mu has a place to work when home and I have a place to work as well. I'm definitely planning on some sort of metal project with my friend Josh, and just going to start making music. I always wanted to play bass in a punk band, now I have no excuses, for any slacking in any area really. I'm hyped and shit is getting done this year, plain and simple. I fixed the players on the previous music post, now you can listen to some of the tracks. Off to bed shortly.

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